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Babies are precious.

Protect yours with our unique cover

infant car seat cover nursing cover shopping cart cover


Infant Car Seat cover *  Nursing cover

Shopping cart cover *  High chair cover

Swing Cover *  Bib and more

The only cover that does it all!

As a mother, few things are as terrifying as taking your child out into the world, exposing them to the ickies and elements.

Imagine, leaving your home with the ability to protect your child from these dangers— yet still see his sweet face, looking up at you, happily snuggled in the car seat carrier or stroller.

That moment, the one filled with security, happiness, love and warmth, is why we created Sprout Shell. An infant car seat cover like no other.

We had to do things differently. Other products out there left us no choice. We needed more.

A hole in the top means you can see your baby smiling at all times. The air circulates properly while also blocking your baby from the cold or wind. Did we mention you can hold the handle securely without fear of your hand slipping?

The elastic around the bottom means it attaches securely and won’t fall off or blow around in the wind causing you to chase it down the street. We will spare you that embarrassment. Plus, it lets you position it in several ways depending on your preferences.

The unique design also lets you use it as a cover for nursing, shopping carts, high chairs and more. So you’re getting 4+ products in one, saving you from “baby stuff overwhelm.”

You can use it for years, so it  won’t end up in the closet after 2 months taking up space.

protect baby from the elements in a cozy car seat cover. Protects baby from the ickies in the environment. Safely covers baby's head. Blocks cold. Side pocket for essentials. Elastic keeps it in place. nursing cover high chair cover shopping cart cover blanket


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What Moms say:

GREAT to cover the baby to protect her from strangers, create a quieter space for naps, and keep her warm and/or shaded. –Emilie D.
No matter the weather, my little one is safe from it all! Sun, snow, rain, etc, etc, etc. Perfect for any season! –Colleen H.
It folds up small so you can throw it in your diaper bag and have it ready for whatever needs you have.–The Traveling Mom
With Sprout Shell you get a 4 in 1 amazing product that is a huge help to mommas.–Jessi M.
This will not only save me room in the diaper bag, but save me money since I will not have to purchase four different products–Beth H.

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