1. How long can I use my Sprout Shell?

As long as you use your infant carrier, nurse a baby, or want to cover a shopping cart, you and your baby can enjoy the benefits of the Sprout Shell. See “What other ways can I use this product?” for more specifics

2. Do I have to put the Sprout Shell all the way on all the time?

No way! Because of it’s elasticity, there are several ways to position the Sprout Shell in addition to the standard method. Once your baby is about 3 months old, he will probably want to look out at the world more, and not be enclosed. See our “How to Shell Your Sprout” page for pictures and detailed info.

3. What other ways can I use this product?

It makes a great nursing cover too! Simply put the hole over your head with the Sprout Shell logo in front–or back–and bring it over your shoulders. Tuck the Sprout Shell around your baby to make a little pouch.

You can also use Sprout Shell as a shopping cart cover. Place the shell with the logo facing toward you and drape it over the seat back and around the handle. The hole will be on the cart’s seat, allowing you to put your baby’s legs through the leg holes in the cart. Buckle as normal. Only its toosh will touch the cart!

When you go to restaurants, use it to cover the high chair to protect your older baby from other kids’ germs.

If don’t need your Sprout Shell with you, keep it in the car to cover your child’s seat–infant carrier or toddler seat–to keep the seat and latches from getting too hot to handle when you put your child back in.

4. Will it really keep my baby warm?

Yes. It may not be thick, but it keeps out the cold and wind for normal periods of time outside. You can tuck a light blanket around your baby before attaching the cover for extra warmth.