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Why You Want One

The original car seat cover that saves you from piling on a blanket then constantly readjusting it as it slips, slides or blows away. Soft, yet strong cotton that won't stretch out of shape or pill, is made to last through hundreds of washes and life with kids. Elastic to hold it securely. A hole in top for air and view of your baby at all times. Plus a unique pocket on the side for little things, like your keys or diaper & wipes.
But, being a simple car seat cover isn't enough--you're busy, babies need a lot of "stuff." You don't need MORE things! You need one thing to do it all--and the Sprout Shell does. For nursing, shopping cart high chairs, stroller, and lots more. The one baby product you can count on every day to protect your baby, look good, and simplify your life. From the first trip home to the last shipping cart ride and everything in between.
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