Joy in Motherhood

Joy in Motherhood


As a mom, do you ever feel like the joy and happiness you were promised is just not happening? Do you want to feel more connected with your little ones? If so, you're not alone. Those great things you dream of are often covered in spit up and tantrums. 

But, it doesn't have to be that way. Joy in Motherhood gives you simple, easy to do ideas and activities that will change the way you interact with your little ones.

Using 30 days of themed challenges, you'll be given tools to not only create memories but enjoy the precious time you have. If you want more connection, joy and happiness in your relationship with your children, this book is for you!

 Here’s what other moms are saying:

  • “It helped me look at the happy moments of my day instead of focusing on everything that didn't go right.” Carla F.
  • “Sometimes as a mom of two little ones you're so tired that it's hard to think of new activities to do with them each day. This was like a different little mission each day and it was fun to document it with a theme.” Tanya K.
  • “The challenge helped me enjoy being a mom because it made me reflective even in the little moments. It helped me laugh at the silly stuff and feel empowered in difficult times I thought I suffered through alone!” Crystal E.
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