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Say goodbye to self-doubt and discover your hidden motherhood "Super Power"

You know you want to be a "good mom..."

You have visions floating around in your head of you doing all those good mom things you see everyone do effortlessly...always put together, house clean, meals ready, happily playing with your little one for hours. 

Right? There are so many sources from your mom to your cousin to the "experts" telling you what you should do. But what about what you want? What about what fits for you and your personality?

You even feel like something is wrong with you...

Because you try to make yourself fit, but it's not quite you and at the end of the day you feel like you've failed AGAIN! You didn't do enough. You weren' "her," that fantasy in your head.

Well guess what? She isn't real. Have you ever stopped to think about what you really want? What kind of mother you can be? What's normal for YOU?

If not--let's start!

What if you could decide what kind of mom you want to be...and actually make it happen?

I'm here to help you do just that! Imagine if you could....

  • Find your hidden or overlooked strengths and make them work for you so you have confidence in yourself and how you parent your children
  • Learn how to create harmony between your fantasy mom and the real you so you can stop beating yourself up over what you "aren't good at."
  • Discover the obvious and secret desires of who you want to be as a mom, and actually make it happen so you can feel the freedom and strength from following who you are
  • Design your motherhood to fit you and your children and silence the "shoulds" from those around you
  • Learn how to get back on track and put things back together when things don't go as planned, because with kids, they rarely do.
  • Know in your heart you're an awesome mom who faces each day with confidence and contentment so you can be an even more positive example to your children


Picture month from now you will wake up (probably pretty early since kids LOVE early) with energy and optimism for the day ahead. You'll have a basic plan for the day and know what's coming up because you wrote it out the night before. Instead of scattered and scrambling you're feeling calm and because you're prepared for potential hiccups and detours that are inevitable with children so you aren't thrown completely off track.

You're no longer looking outward to others on social media and comparing yourself to what you see. Instead of seeing your shortcomings, you're able to be genuinely happy for them, and genuinely happy for yourself because you've figured out your ideal and are creating it for yourself and your family every day.

You aren't looking for validation and or feeling like you're "doing it wrong," because you've discovered the strengths you do have, and are using them to the best of your ability. You're optimistic, happy and grateful--for things big and small.  All of your fears an insecurities have faded away as you dug deep, found your hidden talents and power and are finally feeling like you've got this!

When you fall into bed at night, you truly know that you're a great mom, who is exactly who and what your family needs. 

Are you ready?

This is for you if you've ever felt like you're not meeting your expectations--or anyone elses.

  • That you're not enough.
  • If you think you're doing it wrong
  •  If you feel like there's gotta be more to this mom thing and you're just missing it. What is wrong with you?
  • If you're constantly comparing yourself to other moms and feel they're doing it way better than you
  • You're new on your motherhood journey and aren't quite sure what your opinions are and what kind of mother you want to be.

What exactly will you get when you joinBecoming Supermom?

  • A POWERful Mom workbook to write down all your insights, thoughts and ideas as we discover your hidden strengths and super powers
  • 4 LIVE Group video calls with me to walk you through each step and get your questions answered.
  • Email explanations and prompts to guide you each step of the way
  • Support and encouragement from other moms in the program who are discovering their own motherhood journey

By the end you will feel prepared and able to plan for the future as you gain confidence in your decisions. You'll have focus and experience less overwhelm and stress that comes from knowing how to structure your life in a way that fits you. And peace of mind because you aren't fitting yourself into someone else's mold.