The Many Uses Of Our Infant Car seat Cover:

Attaching your Sprout Shell Car Seat Cover

  1. Put infant carrier handle in the upright position
  2. Unfold Sprout Shell and hold it with the label facing the front.
  3. Attach the elastic over the back of the carrier
  4. Bring the Sprout Shell up and over the handle, and secure in the front.
  5. The hole should be centered over the handle

Using the Sprout Shell and the carrier’s sun shade together will give you the most coverage if you need it–like rain, snow or direct sun.

Nursing Cover
1.Slide the hole over your head with the Sprout Shell logo in front of your chest.
2.Pull sides down around your shoulders.
3.Slide Baby underneath and you’re ready to feed baby.

Shopping Cart Cover/High Chair Cover
1. Attach the front of the Sprout Shell over the front of the chair. On the shopping cart, this includes the cart’s handle.
2. Pull the back of the Sprout Shell over the back of the chair.
3. Slide Baby’ feet through the hole and through the leg holes in the cart/chair.
4. Buckle Baby in